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Content and Advertising Solutions for Online Marketplaces

Whether you sell on Amazon, Walmart, a specialty retailer, or multiple retail channels, you can provide your customers with a branded, shopper-focused experience.

Content solutions for Amazon, Walmart, Babies R Us, Toys R Us and Target
Content solutions for Amazon, Walmart, Babies R Us, Toys R Us and Target

Make Your Products Stand Out on Amazon

The world’s most iconic consumer brands turn to content26 for Amazon content creation and Amazon advertising services. We help you create a dynamic shopping experience on Amazon by linking ad campaigns to keyword-optimized product page content.

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Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services is an advertising solution that allows Amazon vendors to create and run keyword-targeted ad campaigns. Designed to drive demand for your products, Amazon Marketing Services is available to nearly all vendor brands. Registering for Amazon Marketing Services is free; you pay only when shoppers click on your ads.

We help you strategically manage your Amazon advertising spend, offering actionable insights into campaign performance.

Best of all, our content expertise ensures our keyword-optimized product page content will help your products get discovered long after your campaigns end.

Amazon A+ Content

Need Amazon A+ content? It’s our specialty––in fact, we helped design the first A+ pages, and we remain the leader when it comes to Amazon best practices.

What is Amazon A+ content? It’s enhanced product descriptions that are found in the middle of the Amazon product page. These descriptions include multiple product images, keyword-optimized text, product comparison charts, and other features that promote your brand.

Once shoppers get to your product page, our Amazon A+ content closes the sale by showcasing your product’s most important features and benefits and creating a branded shopping experience.

OFF Search Optimized Content on Amazon

OFF Essential Content on Amazon

Amazon Essential Content

You’ll find essential content (product titles, bullet points, and basic product descriptions) at the top of every Amazon product page. Not only does essential content provide important information for your customers, but it also contributes to how your products are indexed by the Amazon A9 search engine.

Keyword-optimized essential content is key to discoverability on Amazon. At content26, we work with you to create essential content that promotes branding while also conforming to Amazon style guides and industry best practices.

Create Strategic Content for Walmart

For many consumer brands, Walmart is the most important e-commerce sales channel after Amazon. And here’s why: Walmart’s network of stores and distribution centers makes it possible to provide customers with a cohesive shopping experience that spans offline and online.

Our product page content is geared towards this omnichannel experience, ensuring your customers
get the best of both worlds.

Calphalon Essential Content on Walmart

Walmart Essential Content

In an attempt to “serve the customer in an omnichannel way,” Walmart requires suppliers to create high-quality, web-ready content for all products sold in its stores. Why bother with product page content? According to Walmart, quality content contributes to sales growth and brand loyalty.

Our Walmart essential content (product titles, bullet points, and basic product descriptions) complies with all Walmart style guides and industry best practices. Additionally, we can create content that is keyword optimized to improve discoverability on Walmart’s crowded digital shelf.

Walmart Enhanced Content

Sometimes referred to as Expanded Manufacturer Content, Walmart enhanced content gives you a chance to showcase your products on

Walmart enhanced content is found below the product description in the middle of the product page. It includes product images and keyword-optimized text, and it can also include extras like recipes, videos, and comparison charts.

Walmart enhanced content offers a branded shopping experience that makes your products stand out both on the digital shelf and to shoppers accessing information inside stores via their smart phones.

Calphalon Essential Content on Walmart

Promote Your Brand with Specialty Content

Need product-page content for retailers other than Amazon and Walmart? We’ve got you covered. Our content is used globally on more than 200 retail sites.

Our multichannel approach to content creation allows us to create search-optimized, branded content across all retail channels. A multichannel approach to content eliminates shopper confusion and offers a better buying experience.

Calphalon Enhanced Content on Amazon

Product Pages Are Our Specialty

Product page content, enhanced content, enhanced product pages, or A+ content: whatever you call it, it’s what your customers and your online retailers need. And it’s what we’ve been creating for more than a decade.

Every retailer in your marketing plan has different requirements for product-page design. At content26, we’ve worked with major online retailers and content syndicators for years. We know each online marketplace’s style and delivery requirements, and we know the best ways to showcase your products.

We Understand Product Content

Many companies have diverse content needs that fall outside of product-page content. Whether you want landing-page content or product descriptions for your corporate website, our versatile team can create a plan that helps you meet your goals.

Calphalon Enhanced Content on Amazon

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Enhanced product page content doesn’t just look great–it’s also proven to boost sales and customer satisfaction on marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

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