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Content Merchandising Roundup #127

Posted by on July 11, 2014

It’s always nice to see a SERP not totally dominated by Amazon. Search for a tennis racket or soccer cleats, and you might experience that joy. Conductor’s blog reports...

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Content Merchandising Roundup #126

Posted by on June 27, 2014

Well, that’s nice: Amazon PrimeAir, AKA the publicity stunt that will not die, has not been completely shot down by the FAA. Whoever came up with that idea deserves at least...

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How To Make SEO a Friend, Not a Foe

Posted by on June 23, 2014

SEO = Writing for Humans There’s a tense discussion going on lately in the big, beautiful world of online content. If you’re using old SEO rules, your content can be nigh...

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Content Merchandising Roundup #125

Posted by on June 20, 2014

Ahoy! Did you know? Amazon made a smartphone. Oh, you heard? Yes, we did too. As of this post, the Amazon phone has been a purchasable reality for a mighty two days, and already...

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Essential Guide to Amazon Vendor Central Templates [Slideshow]

Posted by on June 18, 2014

Almost all Amazon departments now require companies selling through Vendor Central to use A+ self-service templates to design and upload A+ content. As with any new interface,...

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At IRCE, Competing with Amazon Is the Question

Posted by on June 17, 2014

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a roomful of e-commerce professionals in want of increased business will tweet endlessly. The Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition...

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Question of the Week

If c26 implemented a 10% policy for side projects at work, what would your first project be?

I would write a script for a video/slideshow presentation that takes viewers on the journey of an online shopper who jumps from one retail site to the next, clicking on user reviews, videos, Walmart pages, etc. The aim would be to show how customers engage with the content we create and help define content merchandising vs. marketing as well as show the efficacy of product videos.

Dave McCaul
Project lead, content26

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