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Content Merchandising Roundup #15

Posted by on April 13, 2012

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Below is a summary of the week’s most interesting content merchandising-related posts from Content Ping as well as from other blogs and news sites. Happy reading.

Weekly Content Critique: It’s a Baby Miracle
We take a look at a product page for the BabyBjörn baby carrier as well as the company’s use of product video.

Engage and Educate Customers for Improved WOMM
You can stoke the embers of word of mouth marketing by providing customers with helpful, informative content.

Structuring Information for the Cross-Channel Experience
With mobile devices becoming ever more popular, companies are looking to information architecture to ensure that content is consistent across devices while still being optimized for the device and the context in which it is being used.

Stores Go Online to Find a Perfect Fit
Nordstrom’s partnership with provides an example of  a traditional retailer’s attempt to tap into the innovative, fast-paced start-up mentality.

How to Connect With Customers Across All Retail Channels
Successful multichannel retailing these days means more than just selling to consumers through the web, physical stores, contact centers, and mobile devices, says Jimmy Mansker of retail chain Bon-Ton Stores.

Facebook Timeline: Anatomy of a Page [Infographic]

How can your brand effectively use Facebook’s timeline format? This infographic from Wishpond goes over each of the new elements of the Timeline format and explains the dos and don’ts for using Timeline successfully.

All Content is Not Created Equal
Content Marketing Institute founder and social media expert Joe Pulizzi give his thoughts on Pinterest and on whether brands can ever produce as too much content.

Let’s Get Visual With Social Media
As social media shifts toward a more visual experience, a look at what businesses can – and should – do to take advantage of these new platforms and emerging trends.

Slaves to New Media
A University of Chicago study found that most people say Facebook, Twitter and email are harder to resist than cigarettes and alcohol. In this “age of Ambient Media,” we need to take a moment and disconnect.

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