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What a Good F-Commerce Product Page Looks Like

Posted by on September 27, 2011

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Recently, I wrote about how varied, inconsistent, and, well, absent good content is throughout F-commerce. But, the newly minted Facebook store from a daily deal site may signal a tidal wave that will put my article to shame.

Gilt Groupe’s much-hyped Facebook store is the most functional, content-rich store I’ve seen yet. It features all the written content of its regular site, including a few extra goodies missing from other Facebook stores. Take a look:

A mouse-over zoom shows the nitty-gritty detail of this skin care set. The content satisfies all my curiosities about using the Basque skincare set, even down to the return policy. And, equally importantly, the page takes advantage of the benefits of Facebook with the option of commenting or sharing my thoughts on this product.

The Gilt Groupe Facebook store is also a blend of everything trendy: daily deals, group and social buying, and F-commerce. And for a trend-focused brand, this is a perfect mix. The immediacy of daily deals is brought right in front of the eyeballs of millions of users who can be led to encounter and interact with the brand. If any type of Facebook store is going to be successful, a daily deal site is certainly one of the top contenders.

That’s Not All, Folks: More Examples of Beautiful F-Commerce Content

Another store with stunning content: Express. The information looks like it has been imported straight from their site, and gives rich detail about the product. For something difficult to merchandise online, such as fragrance, the store does a great job of listing details and offering as much info as possible. Express’s store also offers lovely images and the requisite comment fields and like buttons. (There’s just one little bug with the “may not be shipped internationally” line.)

Where does your store stand? Does it look like Pro Kitchen Gear’s products, or is it filled with exceptional product information, like a non-Facebook, high-converting site would be?

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    4 Responses to “What a Good F-Commerce Product Page Looks Like”
    1. Paul Marsden says:

      Hi Elizabeth, great analysis – and I we couldn’t agree more; – we’ve discussed your thoughts – linking to you – over at

      Keep up the great work. Best, Paul

      • Elizabeth Olmsted Elizabeth Olmsted says:

        Thanks, Paul! Enjoyed reading your thoughts–it’s so true that design is a key element. Hopefully more and more stores will start to realize the value of good content and design. Elizabeth


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