New Changes Demand a Review of Your Amazon Content Strategy

In the ever-evolving world of online content, it’s easy for complacent brands to be left in the dust. Recently in the Amazon world, enhanced A+ content has become available to some third party sellers, something previously reserved for vendors.

As the competition expands, it’s more important than ever for Amazon Vendors to optimize product page content. What can forward-thinking brands do to stand out?


amazon content strategy


Staying Competitive with Content

The most important step is to keep your enhanced A+ content fresh. Content is not just content; it is a strategy. As messaging changes for your products or you launch new marketing campaigns, make sure you update the enhanced content to match.

While more third party sellers can update A+ content, they may not be able to update content quickly.  Because of this, third party sellers will always be outclassed by brands that quickly act on their latest marketing campaigns.

As a next step, many savvy brands are turning to Amazon Marketing Services to enhance their Amazon content strategy. Brands can incorporate keywords from AMS campaigns into essential and A+ content. Third party sellers can’t use AMS, which makes this a distinctive advantage for Amazon Vendors. Seller content is also not indexed by the Amazon search engine, unlike vendor content.

5 Tips for Your Amazon Content Strategy

Here are a few ways to keep your content above the morass of seller content:

  1. Start with the basics: Make sure your products have strong content, including both essential content and enhanced content.
  2. Ditch HTML: You’ll want to make sure your enhanced content is in the most up-to-date format with modules.
  3. Plan ahead: Include your Amazon content when you’re planning marketing campaigns, website updates, or changes to your marketing. Your content strategy should be dynamic, responding to the latest trends in your market research and keyword analyses.
  4. Be aware of changes: Amazon is the fastest growing retailer in the world and is constantly changing with this growth. Keep an eye on what your competitors can and can’t do on Amazon to make sure you have a competitive edge. Here’s a breakdown of content options available to third party sellers.
  5. Integrate AMS: If you are using AMS, tweak your enhanced content to give yourself a keyword boost. Optimize your content with keywords that will lift you higher in the search rankings.

The Takeaway

Onward and upward! Amazon sellers may be able to create enhanced brand pages, but vendors still have the advantage when they develop an Amazon content strategy. Focus on improving both your essential and enhanced content, tying in your AMS strategy if applicable, to stay ahead of the competition.  Need help getting your enhanced content up to snuff? Contact us.