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Nordstrom Delivers Instant Gratification

Posted by on November 23, 2011

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Nordstrom Delivers Instant Gratification

I consider myself part of the 99 percent…of shoppers who refuse to queue up anywhere for the start of Black Friday. Much more tempting for me will be the chance to shop online and know that I could be swathed in cashmere by dinnertime.

Just in time for the holidays, the fashion retailer Nordstrom  has rolled out same-day deliveries in several markets. For $10 (less than the cost of parking and a cappuccino) online shoppers can order from by noon and be flaunting your style by the end of the workday. While Nordstrom has been offering this service to VIP customers for years, Nordstrom recognizes it needs to close the gap between online and in-store shopping experiences for the rest of us.

“It’s clear that the way customers shop is changing very rapidly,” said Nordstrom spokesman Colin Johnson told the Seattle Times. “We’re trying to do a better job of responding so that we can serve customers on their terms.”


Is M-Commerce Ready for the Holiday Rush?

As I mentioned before, I will not be risking life and limb for Black Friday deals on gadgets. I am part of the estimated 21.6 million shoppers who will use a smartphone to make purchases during the holiday weekend. But buyer beware. Some retailers are better prepared than others to handle the holiday traffic, according to Mobile Commerce Daily.

For those shoppers craving fast load times and a seamless mobile shopping experience, Sears,,, Walgreens, and Best Buy are the best bet, according to the latest Keynote Mobile Commerce Performance Index.

Yet even though retailers have spent big bucks optimizing sites for mobile and tablet users, the sheer number of online holiday shoppers could cause problems. Last year, both JCPenney and American Eagle had mobile outages that drove away holiday shoppers.


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