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Essential Guide to Amazon Vendor Central Templates [Slideshow]

Posted by on June 18, 2014

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Almost all Amazon departments now require companies selling through Vendor Central to use A+ self-service templates to design and upload A+ content. As with any new interface, there are some advantages and some significant drawbacks to the template feature, as well as some options that may not be immediately apparent to vendors. For instance:

Whether you’re already using self-service templates, just starting with them, or considering a switch from Seller Central to Vendor Central, our guide to working with Vendor Central’s templates has something for you. Enjoy!

The content26 Guide to Amazon Vendor Central Templates

Or view the guide from content26 on SlideShare.

Like what you see? Contact Dave Zimmerman to get help with your content for A+ self-service templates.

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    1. Ari Gold says:

      Hey Guys, this information would be very helpful even today. Can you update this information and repost? Or possibly refer to where Vendor Central associated businesses (partners?) can access a type of “Essential Guide to Amazon Vendor Central Templates”

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