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The Smartphone: How Can We Use it Best?

Posted by on November 1, 2011

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A Call to Mobile Optimization–But How?

While we U.S.-based folk may not be concerned about calling plans and smartphone addicts across the pond, we can certainly learn a lot from UK statistics. Econsultancy, thankfully, shared them with us. Today, they reported that 70 percent of surveyed companies had not optimized their websites for the mobile phone. While it seems like a strikingly high number at first glance, a second pass with the glasses on reveals that this figure includes companies that have created dedicated mobile sites. But here is the debate: Can your site be optimized without a separate mobile site? Apple, the enchantress of design-technology fusion, shows us that this can be done. The question is, what will work for your e-commerce plan?

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In-Store Social Networks

Walmart, a leader in innovation? Apparently! The giant retailer’s computer-centric research group, @WalMartLabs, is developing a new type of spur-of-the-moment social network. Using their mobile phones, consumers shopping in a store can connect with other in-store shoppers to get opinions from those in near proximity at that exact moment.

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