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Weekly Ping: Content Merchandising Roundup #1

Posted by on January 6, 2012

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Below is a summary of the week’s most interesting content merchandising-related posts from Content Ping as well as from other blogs and news sites. Happy reading.

Interview With Optify’s Anthony Joseph: Facebook vs. Amazon

A Content Ping Q&A with Anthony Joseph, VP of Marketing at Optify, about the future of online merchandising and whether 2012 will be the year that Facebook gives Amazon a run for its money.

Weekly Content Critique: Taku Me, REI
Our weekly content critique takes a look at an REI product page featuring a slick rain jacket.

Holiday E-Retail Finishes Up 15 Percent

Online shoppers in the United States spent nearly $37.2 billion during the 2011 holiday season, up 15 percent from the approximately $32.4 billion spent in 2010, comScore says.

How M-Commerce Impacted Holiday 2011 Sales
Merchants are starting to see as much as 14 percent of their online sales from mobile devices, according to IBM Coremetrics data. This analysis offers insights for marketers trying to understand the role of mobile commerce.

Facebook in 2012 From a Commerce Perspective
Predictions for Facebook Commerce in the upcoming year from Dean Alms, vice president of marketing at Facebook commerce provider Milyoni.

The Top 10 Conductor Blog Posts for 2011

The SEO experts at Conductor provide a roundup of their most popular blog post from the past year on topics such as SERPs, Google, and SEO.

8 Predictions for SEO in 2012
SEOmoz CEO Rand Fishkin reviews his 2011 predictions and looks ahead to the new year.

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