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Weekly Ping: Content Merchandising Roundup #10

Posted by on March 9, 2012

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Below is a summary of the week’s most interesting content merchandising-related posts from Content Ping as well as from other blogs and news sites. Happy reading.

Weekly Content Critique: Wynn Las Vegas
Our weekly content critique takes a look at the awkward website for the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

How to Design Your Website for Dollars, Not Your Ego

When considering a redesign of your e-commerce site, or even just of a successful landing page, make sure you don’t get so caught up on attractive design that you lose focus on creating pages that converts.

Tips For Delighting Shoppers
The key to implementing a successful online marketing strategy is to always test new ideas, iterate your messages and promotions, and optimize the tactics and campaigns that are proven to drive the best results.

Online Shoppers Use Stores as ‘Showrooms’
Up to 20 percent of consumers buying specific consumer electronic products last year first checked out the items inside physical stores before making purchases online, according to a new study from NPD Group.

Get Set: More iPad Shoppers Are on the Way
With 92 percent of non-computer online sales originating from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch in December, retailers are anticipating the upcoming launch of the iPad 3 later this month.

American Express Incentives Push Deals on Twitter
There’s a new way for cardholders to earn rewards — but they’ll have to be willing to Tweet to earn the savings.

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Question of the Week

If c26 implemented a 10% policy for side projects at work, what would your first project be?

I would write a script for a video/slideshow presentation that takes viewers on the journey of an online shopper who jumps from one retail site to the next, clicking on user reviews, videos, Walmart pages, etc. The aim would be to show how customers engage with the content we create and help define content merchandising vs. marketing as well as show the efficacy of product videos.

Dave McCaul
Project lead, content26

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