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Weekly Ping: Content Merchandising Roundup #7

Posted by on February 17, 2012


Below is a summary of the week’s most interesting content merchandising-related posts from Content Ping as well as from other blogs and news sites. Happy reading.

Scan-and-Scram and Content Merchandising

We take a look at the opportunities and threats showrooming (aka the scan-and-scram) poses to online retailers.

Weekly Content Critique: Clorox Wipes
Clorox’s website takes content seriously, as well as consumer engagement.

10 Tips to Create Product Video that Converts

Follow these 10 tips to ensure your video program produces results, not just views.

What’s an Inappropriate Product Review?
Pehr Luedtke, CEO of PowerReviews, discusses “fake” reviews and what they mean for companies that sell products online.

Google: Mobile Devices Influence Purchases
New findings from Google suggest that consumers are using smartphones, tablets and desktop computers throughout the purchase process.

Infographic: Merchants Have an Interest in Pinterest

With more than 2 million and about 12 million unique visitors last month, Pinterest appears to be the next big thing in social media. And merchants are taking an interest

Will Social Media Kill the Company Blog?
Social networks cannot truly replace the role blogging plays in company’s content strategy and credibility-building.

Facebook is Back at the Discount Game
Facebook Inc., which tested a Groupon-like Deals offering last year, is back at the discount game. The social network is running a small test that enables merchants to offer free discounts to customers on their pages, a Facebook spokeswoman tells Internet Retailer.

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On what website did your most satisfying e-commerce experience of the past month happen?

Probably ogling international crash pads on Airbnb. Their offer of free professional photography for all of their suppliers makes comparing places consistent and easy.

Breanne Boland
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