How to Create Effective Global Content: Translating Product Pages

Duration: 30 Minutes
Speakers: Mark White and Devon Gualtieri, content26. Nicholas Strozza, Interpro

Worried your next international product launch will get lost in translation? This 30-minute webinar provides pointers on how to create an efficient, cost-effective process for translating product page content into multiple languages.

View this webinar to learn:

  • How to create an efficient workflow for translated content
  • How “translation memory” can reduce costs and promote corporate messaging
  • Why in-country translators produce better translations
  • Tips for ensuring high quality product pages even when you don’t speak the target language

Translating and Localizing Product Pages [full webinar 36:17]

This webinar provides you with tips on how to create an efficient, cost-effective process for translating product page content into multiple languages. Speakers include content26 Co-Founder Mark White, content26 Managing Editor Devon Gualtieri, and Interpro Translation Solutions Business Development Manager Nicholas Strozza. The webinar concludes with a question-and-answer session.

Why Language Matters [webinar clip 3:06]

Content26 blog editor Trinity Hartman talks about why language choice is so important when creating content for non-English markets.

Adding Translation to Your Content Roadmap [webinar clip 9:51]

Content26 Co-Founder Mark White talks about why it’s so important to think about translation early on in the content creation process.

Ensuring an Efficient Translation Process [webinar clip 7:21]

Content26 Managing Editor Devon Gualtieri talks about how to best optimize the production process when translating content.

Understanding Localization and Translation Memory [webinar clip 8:01]

Nicholas Strozza from Interpro Translation Solutions discusses the importance of using in-country, professional translators and how translation memory can help reduce costs.


Mark White
Co-Founder, content26

Mark is a founding member and partner of content26. He has worked in publishing and online media since 1999. He lives in Seattle with his wife, Tamara, and two young children, Cassandra and Lucas.


Devon Gualtieri
Managing Editor, content26

Devon came to content26 in spring 2009 as a copyeditor. She soon also became a Project Lead for a large content26 department and several high-profile clients. Along with her degree in religion from Oberlin College, Devon holds an editing certificate from the University of Washington.


Nicholas Strozza
Business Development Manager, Interpro Translation Solutions

Nicholas is a Business Development Manager at Interpro Translation Solutions where he started in January, 2009. Nicholas graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Interactive Marketing and a minor in French. Prior to joining Interpro, Nicholas worked in the e-learning and website development industries.