Director of Operations

Content26, a fast-growing industry leader in ecommerce content marketing and paid search that serves the world’s leading consumer brands, is looking for a Director of Operations to help us scale our global operations. Our Seattle office employs approximately 35 FTEs, with an additional 30-40 offsite contract positions, and production and paid search teams in Poland and Pakistan.

The position will fill a strategic leadership role. You will report directly to one of the company’s founders/president and will work closely with company partners and executives.

Your immediate reports will include six onsite staff in the digital production, IT, and editorial groups. In addition to performing the company’s digital production and content services, your reports manage our offshore digital production team, offsite IT support service, and 1099 contract writers and editors.

You will also join the company’s leadership team and will play an immediate and active role in contributing to and executing strategic initiatives.

To succeed at this position, you use exceptional communication and collaboration skills, you practice a data-driven approach to decision making, and you thrive in autonomous and independent work structures.

The responsibilities for this position are divided roughly as follows:

  • Approximately 25% of the time, you will work to identify workflow processes that will help improve margins and drive efficiencies. This will include optimizing the use of our offshore teams, identifying ways to scale production capabilities while limiting headcount, and identifying new tools that can help scale production and reporting.
  • Approximately 25% of your time will be used to manage the onsite and offshore digital production teams and staff and contract editorial teams. You will also oversee our suite of digital production tools that include Mavenlink, Salesforce, Basecamp, and several cloud-based tools. You will also be tasked with reorganizing our onsite and vendor IT solution to better serve our business needs.
  • As the thread that runs throughout content26, you will spend approximately 20% of your time in communicating with all departments and identifying new processes and modes of communication between teams.
  • And as a member of the leadership team that includes the company’s partners, controller, and directors of marketing, sales and paid search, you will actively participate in strategic discussions and act as a leadership role model.


  • Minimum 5 years in a digital media or digital production position, with progressively expanding levels of responsibility
  • Data-driven approach to decision making, with a high level of familiarity with managing and consolidating data from diverse sources
  • Highly organized and proactive in communication and problem solving
  • Extreme level of autonomy and independent decision making
  • Highly accountable
  • Thrive on ambiguity with a willingness to take on multiple roles to get the job done
  • Strategic thinker with a strong business acumen and strong focus on efficiencies and margins


To apply, please send your resume to Adrienne Lewis at