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Hiring Consumer Electronics Freelance Writers

It takes a freelance writer with a special set of skills to write clear, compelling, and technically accurate consumer electronics product descriptions. If you know your way around a receiver, have a head for specs, and know bits from bytes, you may have what it takes.

Read about our approach and take a look at some example product descriptions. If you’re still interested in joining our freelance writing team, follow the link at the bottom of this page to apply. We ask all potential writers to provide a resume and complete a writing test.

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Writing Process

Our freelance writers use available assets to create original product descriptions that describe the main features and benefits of a product without using market speak. Market speak includes, but is not limited to, appeals to emotion, hyperbole (the best, the most), logically impossible or unsupportable claims (unique, one-of-a-kind, best-in-class), and technical jargon (circumaural ear cups fit over your OEM hearing tool).

Our goal is to produce content that is easy for shoppers to either skim or read closely and that provides relevant product information.

Assets you receive may include sales PDFs, video files, images, and diagrams. We expect writers to be able to view and interpret all these files. Sometimes the only information you’ll have is whatever is available online; the ability to find and filter product details is essential.

You must be willing to familiarize yourself with the product lines you are writing about prior to starting your descriptions. You may be asked to write about routers, receivers, speaker systems, digital cameras, tablets, laptops, and tech accessories such as cables or dongles, among other items.

Consumer electronics descriptions often require translating tech jargon into simple language. Imagine you are explaining an audio receiver to your non-audiophile parent.

Example Descriptions

SanDisk Product Page
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A+ page example
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Freelance Rates

Depending on the type of content required, we pay between $10 and $80 per description. Once trained, our freelance CE writers average between $30 and $50 per hour.

If you want to write for content26, please complete the technical writing test on the testing page.

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