11 Rules for Delivering Strategic Product Content [Ebook]

We’re big believers in creating great content for Amazon, Walmart, and other retailers. But there’s a right and wrong way to go about ecommerce content creation.

For those interested in taking a strategic approach to content creation, content26 teamed up with Salsify to create an ebook called “The 11 Rules to Deliver Product Content That Sells.”

Product Page Content Is a Smart Investment

Cheerios Amazon product pageStrategic content, particularly enhanced content, requires an investment. But this is time and money well spent as product content has been shown to drive ecommerce success.

Furthermore, adding enhanced content to your product pages increases online and offline sales, improves shopper engagement, decreases returns, and improves Google search result standings.

But maximizing these benefits from your product content requires thoughtful planning and organization.

Our ebook covers the following:

  • Insights on centralizing your content flow
  • Tips for how to show value at every stage of the processes
  • Best practices for retailers and customers
  • A step-by-step approach to make your products stand out online

Give Retailers What They Want

The ultimate goal is to provide consumers with an engaging product experience that results in increased sales, but in order to get there you first have to ensure your enhanced content fits the requirements of the retailers hosting the content.

Retailers want content that will drive customer engagement, and each individual retailer has their own ideas about what that content includes and how it should be formatted. Our ebook goes through the best practices for online retail channels and provides some tips on following retailer style and formatting guidelines.

Provide a Compelling Shopping Experience

Once you know what the retailers want, you can focus on your customers.

Understanding the importance of product page content and maximizing its effectiveness – from basic content like product titles and bullets at the top of the page to the enhanced content and interactive features that follow – gives consumers the confidence to make informed purchases.

Do your pages have enough product images? Are your bullet points effectively and concisely capturing the product’s features and benefits?

Focusing on writing that emphasizes important product features, balancing white space and design with strategic use of images, and including rich media features like video help keep customers engaged and informed.


Create Content That Promotes Your Brand

Thoughtfully organizing and crafting your enhanced content has additional benefits as well, including driving SEO and engagement and the ability to successfully promote your brand.

We offer instructions for prioritizing your enhanced content to drive shopper conversion and increase search standings both within the retailer search and in external search engines.

The Importance of Taking a Strategic Approach


To maximize the effectiveness of your content, it’s important to think strategically when creating your product pages.

While you need to have the basics covered, enhanced content should play an important role in your overall content strategy as it keeps customers informed, engaged, and more likely to buy.

Once your pages are created, it equally important to take a strategic approach in maintaining your content. This means keeping your content up-to-date by refreshing it regularly, ensuring it is optimized for SEO, paying for sponsored ad content when necessary, and using analytics to help optimize your content strategy.

Keeping your content up-to-date and consistent with current marketing initiatives ensures your content stays effective and relevant.

The Takeaway

Download “The 11 Rules to Deliver Product Content that Sells” and see how your brand’s content strategy stacks up.
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