2015 IA Summit: Twitter Roundup

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2015 IA Summit in Minneapolis this past weekend. Though I heard a lot of deeply conceptual talk all day long, every day, there are obvious parallels to what we do at content26. In fact, I think we’ll change our tagline to “customer experience agency.” Just kidding (I don’t have that kind of authority).

But listening to smart people talk about IA and UX (user experience) did remind me that our goals of making clients happy by making their product information more available, consistent, and trustworthy to consumers has a lot to do with customer experience. Want some background on IA before checking out our Twitter roundup? Read our recent interview about the customer model in IA and content strategy.

How Do We Make Sense of the Internet? IA.
Turns out, information architecture (IA) is quite a philosophical discipline. Fortunately for all of us, IA applies concepts to concrete practices and needs to make the web more organized and therefore more functional. Here are some of our highlights from the IA Summit 2015 (heavy on the pictures).

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