3 Updates to Amazon Vendor Central Templates

As we all know by now, Amazon is always on day one. Its products, including Vendor Central, are perpetually in beta. The gears are always turning for Amazon Vendor CentralAt content26, we work with Vendor Central every day, which gives us a pretty clear view of VC’s ongoing changes, both large and small. Here’s what we’ve noticed in the last month.

The edit function is live!

This one is long awaited. The A+ Submission History table in Vendor Central has always included an edit button for each submitted product page row, but until recently it wasn’t a functional button.

It seems to take about as long for edits to go live as it does for publishing new pages–a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Pages can’t be edited if they were published before August 22, 2013 (around when the templates came into existence), and resubmitting them does not load them into the cart to check out as it does with submitting new pages.

You only need to upload a single version of each image.

Before, the templates required large and small versions, and the interface used to get these images into the system was a bit confusing. Now, the A+ templates require only one full-size image. The system resizes it automatically to create the smaller version.

New caption character limit.

Captions are now limited to 100 characters, including spaces. The templates only allow you to enter 100 characters now, so you won’t even be able to run too long.

That’s all for this monthly update. We’ll have another post for you next month about changes to Vendor Central.

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