6-Step Checklist for Holiday Enhanced Content

There are only 78 days left until Black Friday! Santa’s already checking his list, and you should be too. To have well-done, smart product-page content in place for the holiday shopping season, you need to start… oh, pretty much right now.

How did we come to that conclusion? We’ve made thousands and thousands of product pages for our clients, and we counted back from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which is the latest your product-page content should be published on your online marketplaces.

Our holiday content checklist accounts for everything you need to create a product page. From product-page design to effective product images to how to work with your company’s legal department, every step for making enhanced product content is covered, with deadlines for each.

The content26 Holiday Content Checklist

Click to download a PDF of Your Guide to Holiday Enhanced Content.

It’s fine to do last-minute holiday shopping on December 24th, but your enhanced content can’t wait until the last minute. We’ll get deeper into this issue in our upcoming video with content26 CEO Tony Martinelli. In he meantime, tweet us or shoot us an email if you have questions.

Full text:

Holiday shopping is no longer just about trips to the mall. It’s a critical time for online retail too. And while Black Friday is still important, Cyber Monday sales are increasing every year.

There’s still time to create enhanced content for the holiday shopping season. Follow our timeline, and you can get the 20-38 percent boost in sales other companies are already experiencing.

Assess your content needs (by September 15th).

  • Determine which retailers are most important to your holiday sales.
  • Pick which products are the best investment for enhanced content.
  • Get internal support, including buy-in, funding, legal backing, and staffing.

Collect assets and contact a content creator (by September 21st).

  • Ensure you have great text and image assets for all products.
  • Contract with a content creator, such as content26, and begin setting up your project.

Complete your written content (by September 30th).

  • Send your assets to a writer on your team or an external resource.
  • Complete writing and editing so designs can be completed.

Approve content and design (by October 15th).

  • Have your stakeholders and legal team review and approve your draft pages.
  • If you have a legal team, ensure they have time to review your content.
  • Ensure your content meets the needs of your online retailers.

Upload your content to your online retailers (by November 1st).

  • Submit your content at least three weeks before you need it online.

Check in on your uploaded product pages (throughout November, until pages are live).

  • Contact your site merchandiser or other contact if your pages haven’t appeared within 7–10 days.
  • Keep in regular contact until your pages are online.

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