Advice for Small E-tailers: Focus on Content


How can small online retailers compete with the big players like Amazon and Dell? Practical eCommerce offers some advice for specialty retailers as they start the new year.

  1. Treat your customers better
  2. Focus on mobile
  3. Integrate video
  4. Improve your email marketing
  5. Reduce your reliance on search engines

While those tips seem like common sense, I’d like to add that it would also behoove small retailers to take a close look at what they can do to improve their site content. Do they offer unique product descriptions to help their site stand out from the competition? Do they give shoppers enough information on the product page to confidently make a purchase? Are they making good use of product images and other visual elements?

For those in need of a refresher on how to improve e-commerce content, here’s an infographic that shows the main elements of a product page.

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