Amazon Europe Growth: Recent Expansion and Retail Landscape

During an intense and challenging year for many, Amazon Europe growth during 2020 proves that the online retail giant truly can deliver when times get tough—pun intended.

This shouldn’t come as a huge shock, considering how quickly and completely the company dominated the United States’ retail market. Amazon has largely expanded in Europe over the last decade, launching its e-commerce website in several countries, opening distribution and fulfillment centers, corporate offices, creating thousands of jobs, and more.

Amazon Europe Growth Timeline

Here is a recap of the expansion of Amazon’s presence in Europe:

  • 1998: The United Kingdom
  • 1998: Germany
  • 2000: France
  • 2008: Turkey
  • 2010: Italy
  • 2011: Spain
  • 2014: The Netherlands
    • launched in 2014 but sold only e-books and the Kindle e-reader through the website.
  • 2020: The Netherlands
    • In March 2020, Amazon officially launched its e-commerce website in the Netherlands with various product categories. Also, the online retailer now offers Dutch customers their premium service of Amazon Prime.
  • 2020: Sweden
    • launched in late October 2020, making Sweden Amazon’s first Nordic online store.
  • 2021: Where will Amazon go next?
    • Amazon recently announced a planned Poland launch, a move which makes sense given that the number of online purchases made in Poland broke a record last year. While Polish shoppers can shop online via Amazon Germany, launching the website in the eastern European country–one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Europe–would be a smart move for Amazon.

Amazon European flags

Reshaping the Retail Landscape in Europe

From a website that sold only books to one of the top ten global retailers, Amazon has quickly become a household name. The company is dedicated to continuous innovation and evolution, and Europe is no exception to these ambitions. Amazon Europe’s growth has continued to expand and develop, and has even accelerated in 2020.

Here are just a couple of ways Amazon is reshaping the retail landscape in Europe:

Increasingly Fast Shipping and Delivery

Amazon delivery driver in the UK delivering a package

A week, two days, next day, same day, two hours, one-hour delivery? Over the years, Amazon has raised the bar for delivery speeds and services. Amazon has a network of more than 40 fulfillment centers across Europe, meaning more packages can be dispatched to more customers throughout the continent. Most Amazon EU marketplaces offer Prime, Prime Now, and Amazon Fresh, leaving competitors to decide whether to follow and offer similar services…or suffer more market share loss to Amazon.

Evolving E-commerce Grocery Strategies

Europe’s online retail landscape is more than just the demand for AirPods or the newest generation of the Echo Dot. Look for Amazon Europe growth in the grocery section. Previously on the blog, we discussed the importance of forward-thinking e-commerce grocery strategies.

In 2016, Amazon Fresh launched in certain parts of London and then in Berlin in 2017. Amazon buying Whole Foods in August 2017 started to apply pressure to major food manufacturers and grocery brands to stay relevant—both in the United States and Europe. In March 2018, Amazon announced their partnership with French retailer Monoprix, offering customers grocery delivery through Prime Now in France.

Ad for Amazon Fresh

Here’s the kicker: this rapid evolution of grocery e-commerce happened before last year. You know, 2020, the year grocery delivery was all but essential due to a global pandemic. Now more than ever, new brands will want to test digital-first approaches. Tried-and-true companies will be on the lookout for the next notable advancement in grocery and food e-commerce.

Amazon Advertising: Fueling Brands Growth in Europe

Brands looking to increase sales and their European customer base should consider taking advantage of Amazon Advertising services (formerly Amazon Marketing Services or AMS). Amazon offers a wide range of self-service advertising products across search and display to help brands and companies achieve sales goals.

Overall, Amazon Advertising can be a cost-efficient way for brands to gain visibility in Amazon’s highly competitive online marketplace.

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