Amazon Makes A+ Mobile Content a Priority

You may have noticed that Amazon recently moved mobile A+ content out from under the “See More” link to a more prominent position for mobile shoppers. It’s now located just a few swipes down from the top of the page.

For example, this is a mobile shopper’s first look at the features and benefits of Belkin’s USB Car Charger on Amazon:

mobile A+ content

This content rearrangement has been rolled out to all product categories on Amazon. This is a significant change from the 2016 mobile layout. It also departs from Amazon’s current desktop layout, where essential content is given prime real estate at the top of the page, and A+ content is relegated to a lower position.

Mobile A+ Content Builds Trust and Increases Sales

We’ve called essential content the meat and potatoes of the product page because essential content (product titles, bullets, etc.) are foundational pieces that are absolutely necessary for a trustworthy product page. However, this update means that Amazon has decided to serve mobile shoppers enhanced A+ content as the main course.

Perhaps this isn’t so surprising. Amazon has touted a 3 – 10% sales lift that results from including enhanced A+ content. At the same time, an estimated 50% of online shoppers in the US are using Amazon’s mobile app, so it might be that Amazon has identified a need among mobile shoppers for a more detailed, visual product story.

Many brands are focused on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and search-optimized essential content to win over new customers. Amazon has surpassed Google as the most trafficked product marketing platform, and over 55% of customers are now starting their product searches on Amazon. Yet, as we’ve pointed out before, enhanced A+ content remains an indispensable tool for converting product page visitors to customers.

Algorithm Changes on Amazon are Common

Amazon regularly changes its algorithms and systems so moving A+ content to a more prominent position for mobile shopping isn’t a great surprise. But by shifting A+ content into the mobile “spotlight,” Amazon is highlighting its vital role in the consumer journey.

Content26 CEO Tony Martinelli weighs in:

“This yet again reinforces the need for a complete detail page, top to bottom. Every part of the page is important because only Amazon has the power to manipulate the order and discoverability of brand content.”

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