Amazon Marketing Services Webinar: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Did you know that compared to Google AdWords, Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers a lower Cost Per Click (CPC) for popular keywords, boosts a higher conversion rate, and results in better Amazon search rankings?

When managed well, AMS is a smart investment that helps your product stand out from the millions for sale on Amazon. AMS campaigns can help increase product sales, but as with any tool, you need the right technique for it to be truly effective.

In our latest webinar, Tony Martinelli (content26 CEO) and Preston Keaton (SEM Manager) discuss why most brands aren’t getting more from their AMS campaigns and how they can improve. The overarching theme: reject automation.

Amazon Marketing Services Webinar

Automated campaigns make it easier to get started on AMS by generating relevant keywords for your product, but this preset approach isn’t always best. Managed campaigns, however, offer a more tailored style to AMS by monitoring metrics, adjusting keywords, and strategically placing ads. Reject automation and you’ll increase conversion and save money on clicks.

Want to learn more? Download the webinar to hear Tony and Preston’s take on the top mistakes brands make with AMS, optimizing campaigns for lowest average CPC, and the benefits of managed campaigns. Whether you’re a current AMS user or still considering the service, you’ll come away from the webinar with valuable tips on how to gain views and sales on Amazon.

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