AMS Webinar: Using DPV Metrics for Headline Search Campaign Optimization

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) allows vendors to create a variety of targeted ads that can reach potential customers at different points in the “sales funnel.” Traditionally, customers gain awareness of a product at the top of the funnel, then become interested, make a decision to buy, and eventually take action to complete the sale at the bottom.

Headline Search Ads affect the part of the sales funnel where a potential customer goes from, “I think I’m going to buy this product,” to, “I will buy this product.” Getting the most out of your Headline Search Ads is an essential part of a successful AMS campaign.


DPV Metrics

In this AMS webinar, Preston Keaton (Director of Search Engine Marketing) and Sok Kahn (SEM Account Manager) break down how Detail Page Views (DPV) can be used as a valuable metric to gain insights into the health of your Headline Search campaigns.

When customers click on a Headline Search Ad they are sent to a customized landing page. If they click through from the landing page to a see a product, that is a considered a Detail Page View. When DPVs are high, it signals engaged customers. High customer engagement equals higher sales. Low DPV rates can mean there are issues with your product detail pages.

Download the webinar to learn how to look at your campaign’s DPV numbers to get a better sense of whether your customers are highly engaged and interested in buying or simply clicking through.

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