Amazon Marketing Services Predictions for 2017

As an advertising platform Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) is still in its infancy but even in its current state AMS is a powerful platform for brands to reach motivated buyers on the world’s largest ecommerce site. Already AMS has seen key changes in 2016, such as the Estimated Win Rate metric and Related Category Targeting for Product Display Ads.

Amazon Marketing Services Predictions

As the platform continues to mature in 2017, Amazon Marketing Services advertisers will be given more features to better manage their campaigns and get better ROAS returns. Here are some predictions on some new features and changes that we expect to see.

Removal of Interest Based Targeting for Product Display Ads

Product Display Ads are a great way for brands to increase their brand awareness by using interest based targeting tailored a shoppers’ interests and habits. While interest based Product Display Ads are great at getting a product seen, they don’t consistently lead to a conversion, making for an inconsistent Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Related Category Product Display Ad targeting allows for a product to be shown to a more relevant audience that gets better ROAS returns. As more advertisers shift away from Interest Based Product Display Ad Targeting, it’s possible that AMS will remove it from the platform altogether.

Greater ASIN Level Reporting

Currently, Amazon Marketing Services reporting dashboard only allows for detailed ASIN level reporting for Sponsored Product Campaigns. Unfortunately, for Headline Search Ad campaigns advertisers are only able to see performance on the campaign and keyword level. Campaign managers are unable to identify which specific ASINs are top performers for Headline Search Ad campaigns. Hopefully, in 2017 Amazon will add ASIN level reporting to all of the ad product types.

Expanded Inventory for Headline Search Ads

Headline Search Ads are the Amazon Marketing Services product with the greatest ROAS, due to its prominent ad placement at the top of the Amazon SERP. However, due to the limited number of ad inventory, it comes up short in overall volume of impressions. Amazon may expand the inventory for Headline Search Ads, possibly by providing ad placements at the bottom of the Amazon SERP.

Amazon Market Services Activity Log

A key part of managing an Amazon Marketing Services campaign involves making bid and/or keyword changes and then monitoring performance before and after those changes. Look for Amazon to add a new feature that logs any changes made in an account. This will allow advertisers to better pinpoint how specific actions have affected account performance.

Broad Match Keywords for Headline Search Ad Campaigns

Currently, Headline Search Ad campaigns can only use phrase and exact match keywords. In 2017, look for broad match keywords to be added as a keyword match type for Headline Search Ad campaigns. This should help advertisers streamline the amount of keywords that are needed.

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