AMS Product Display Ad Update: Category Targeting

Product Display Ads are a great Amazon Marketing Services tool to increase reach, discoverability and sales. These “bottom of the funnel” ads are great for cross-selling, up-selling across product lines, and competing head-to-head with competitors. Amazon recently launched a new category level targeting option for Product Display Ad campaigns to further improve the Amazon Marketing Services platform.

Product Display Ad

This new update to Product Display Ad campaigns will allow for a more efficient campaign set-up process, improved targeting relevancy and greater Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) returns.

Executing a category targeted Product Display Ad campaign is quite simple. Just perform the following steps during your campaign set up:

  1. Select the product to advertise.
  2. Select the Target Related Categories option.
  3. Select category(s) to target.

How can advertisers use category targeting for their Product Display Ad campaigns?


Product Display Ad campaigns using the new category level targeting option will have ads shown on every product detail page within the categories that are selected.

Amazon limits the list of categories that advertisers can target to a pre-selected list. This means that an advertiser promoting camera lenses cannot target an unrelated category, such as household supplies. This ensures that only relevant ads will be shown when using category targeting.

Category targeting for Product Display Ad campaigns allows advertisers to efficiently target a broad yet relevant audience. Before this update, advertisers could still employ a similar category level targeting strategy but it required manually compiling a list of target products and then selecting each ASIN one at a time.

With the new Amazon Marketing Services update, Product Display Ad campaigns can now quickly implement a basket building marketing strategy by targeting related product categories with only just a few clicks.

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