AMS Webinar: Using Amazon Marketing Services to Launch New Products

Advertising with Amazon Marketing Services is the best way to drive customers to your product pages on Amazon. But simply advertising with AMS isn’t enough: successful AMS campaigns require strategic planning and management to see the best results.

Maximizing impressions and sales isn’t one size fit all; different products require different strategies. The AMS campaign for a bestseller is going to have a different approach than a campaign for a product below the fold of a search results page. The same is true for a brand new product that customers have never seen before.

AMS webinar

In this AMS webinar, content26 SEM Account Managers Andy Fang and Sok Kahn outline tips for using Amazon Marketing Services to launch new products. They cover everything from basic steps, like committing adequate resources and ensuring ads link to high-quality product pages, to hypothetical scenarios for new product launches.

Each type of AMS product ad is covered, offering an in-depth look at how Sponsored Product ads, Headline Search ads, and Product display ads can be utilized to make your new products stand out. Knowing when to adjust CPC rates is key to gaining product awareness.

Download the webinar for a step-by-step breakdown of how to use the different AMS ad types to get your new products up and running effectively.

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