Amazon Optimization: Enhanced Content and Conversion

Amazon began 2019 by announcing their decision to supply Basic A+ content to all Vendor Central users at no cost. Enhanced A+ content allows for a rich online shopping experience while assisting brands with Amazon optimization.

And while Amazon A+ content is not indexed by the Amazon A9 search algorithm, it has been shown to be essential to driving purchase intent and closing the sale.

You can think of A+ content as a digital version of a box of cereal on a grocery store shelf. The packaging combines words with visual imagery to tell you everything you need to know about the product. On Amazon, A+ content (also known as enhanced content) begins halfway down a product page and features scannable headers, multi-view product images, product comparison charts, bulleted lists, and more.

Why Basic A+ Content Works for Amazon Optimization


A+ content provides depth while product page features such as bullets work to grab a visitor’s attention. End users can dig deeper into a brand’s product by choosing to either read detailed product descriptions or learn more about the product through imagery.

Product pages have roughly seven seconds–or 150 words–to impress a potential customer. Brands can focus on Amazon optimization with their product descriptions by starting with the product’s name, its purpose, and how it will benefit the consumer.

Basic A+ content helps build consumer confidence by placing the needs of the customer first. By utilizing the available modules, such as comparison charts and images, brands can present useful, compelling, and accurate information about their products.

Basic A+ content leads to increased sales, both online and in-store. More often than ever, customers are using the web to research products regardless of whether their final purchase is made online or in-store. Through Amazon optimization, brands can be sure to make the best sales pitch for their products.

Differences Between Basic A+ Content and Premium A+ Content

  • Premium A+ content allows for images that stretch across the entire page while Basic A+ content is limited to a width of 930 pixels
  • Basic A+ content does not allow videos (however, they can be added to the product image carousel at the top of the page), while Premium A+ offers a full-screen video module that may be displayed as part of the below-the-fold content
  • Most interactive features such as a clickable Q&A option, several formats for comparison charts, a hotspot modules, and image carousel modules for consumers to scroll through are only available with Premium A+ content
  • All Premium A+ modules are optimized for mobile devices

Hershey’s KIT KAT product page beautifully shows off Amazon optimization through Basic A+ content by combining product images with unique text found only on this part of the product page. While they are limited in image width, video usage, and interactive features, the enhanced content still manages to bring the treat to life.

By relying on Premium A+ content, Schneider Electric is able to add interactive features and video to their product page. Customers can watch or listen to in-depth product features while clicking through frequently asked questions.

Schneider electric product page


Things to Keep in Mind When Creating Enhanced Content


Amazon optimization through enhanced content allows brands to build trust with online shoppers while maximizing conversions. Basic A+ content improves the user experience and can help secure a sale by supplying detailed information about products.

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