Amazon Marketing Services Webinar: Launching Successful AMS Holiday Campaigns

Amazon sold roughly a billion items during the holiday rush last year. In Q4 of 2016, Amazon Marketing Services saw a 75-125% rise in ad-attributed sales over the previous quarter, showing that well-managed campaigns can see big returns from the increased holiday traffic.

But these increases in sales don’t just happen for brands automatically. Knowing how to maximize sales on AMS during the holidays requires careful strategizing and implementation. Brands need to have goals in place and plans that can help them reach those thresholds.

AMS Holiday Webinar

In this webinar, content26 SEM Director Preston Keaton and SEM Account Manager Andy Fang outline a series of tips for brands looking to launch successful AMS holiday campaigns. They overview how to select the right holiday products to showcase, how to test campaigns to ensure they’re working effectively, and the importance of bidding aggressively on CPCs while closely monitoring your budgets.

Preston and Andy also lay out some hypothetical scenarios that cover the best ways for new brands to promote their products moving into the holidays, as well as ways that established brands can help expand their reach during high-traffic sales periods.

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