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Forget eBay: Sell Your Stuff on Your iPhone

I must say, this is the most exciting app I’ve heard about in a while: SimplyListed. Take some pictures and list your item. It’s really that simple (so they say). The iPhone app does the rest of the work–it figures out what you’re selling, checks prices of comparable products, and lists it in a bazaar. It also provides a link for sellers to promote their products wherever they want. Made for people who find eBay (for example) too tedious or complicated, the app aims to create a huge digital flea market and “get the whole world buying and selling,” as cofounder and CEO Jon Grall said in an interview with Mashable. Of course, the company needs a critical mass of buyers and sellers first. But who doesn’t have a box of things they want to sell that’s been sitting around in a closet for years? I know I do.

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Sites AND Apps Help You Go Mobile

Speaking of mobile shopping, Patricio Robles on Econsultancy discusses the relative value of native apps and mobile websites for businesses. Rather than looking at this as an either-or decision, Robles suggests implementing both if you are able. As he puts it, mobile sites promote usability while apps promote relationships. It should be easy to buy on a mobile site, while an app can offer ways to interact with your business other than purchasing. A native app also addresses connectivity limitations and provides a way to build and expand a loyal customer base.


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