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Before you go on a long trip, it’s always a good idea to make a list of the essentials you need to bring with you. Similarly, before you begin creating content for your product-detail pages on Amazon and other online retailers, it’s a good idea to make sure your brand has everything it needs.

Have you already invested in good visual assets? You can’t create beautiful product pages without them. How well-written is your current basic and enhanced product page content? How well do you understand different retailers’ content requirements? Take our Readiness Quiz below and see how prepared your brand is to start creating content for your product pages.

Planning for Content Pays Off

Our Readiness Quiz should offer some insight as to whether your content strategy is already dialed-in, or if it could still use some attention.

Feel like you’re ready to get started? Content26 can work with you directly to take inventory of your current assets, SKU lists, and sales strategies to make sure you start the process of creating enhanced content with everything you need to make beautiful and informational product pages.


Using this quiz as a starting step, we can help guide your company towards a solid content creation plan. We can tell you whether your marketing assets are robust enough to create enhanced content. We can advise you of the right Amazon platform for your company’s content needs and whether Amazon is actually the best (or only option) you should consider for hosting your product content.

We’ve worked with dozens of the world’s top brands on the most important online retailer channels to create attractive and informative product detail pages that have been proven to increase views, conversions, and sales.

The Takeaway

Before embarking on what can be a long and confusing trip to the land of content merchandising, make sure you’re properly equipped for the journey.

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