Are Your Products Wantworthy?

A company that “helps online shoppers build virtual wish lists” has raised $1 million in venture capital funding, according to the technology website GigaOM.

New York-based Wantworthy launched last year as a social shopping tool that simplifies creating wish lists as they surf the web and share their wants and desires with friends. The lists–which are made dragging a “Want” button onto an item from the toolbar–are kept private unless the user decides to share them.

Want vs. Like?

“I wanted a tool that would let me keep all the products I found as I shopped online in one simple, visual list so that I could compare, organize and take time making my decision,” Lauren McDevitt told GigaOM.

Facebook is also reportedly testing a “Want” button and Pinterest also makes it easy for users to telegraph their wishes to others. As social shopping becomes an increasingly important element of e-commerce, brands need to understand how to create compelling and shareable product descriptions.

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