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The content26 blog is part thought leadership, part news, and part investigative interviewing. Find out what content26 employees and writers have to say about the business of selling products online.


Alyssa Sparza

Alyssa joined the company in 2016 and now leads both the editorial and marketing teams. She came to content26 with over 5 years of experience in digital marketing & e-commerce. When she’s not working, Alyssa can be found exploring the Midwest with her husband, son, and rescue pup, Auggie.

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Mangala Durga

Durga joined content26 in February of 2020, bringing over 5 years of experience in search engine marketing and ad sales (print media). Outside of her day job managing brands on Amazon, Durga spends time with her daughters and loves painting.

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Jeff Kirby

Jeff worked at content26 headquarters in Seattle for 5 years as a content and production specialist before deciding to take off and see the world in 2015. He now contributes to content26 as a freelance writer when he's not searching for the perfect döner kebab.

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Mark White

Mark is a founding member and partner of content26. He has worked in publishing and online media since 1999. He lives in Seattle with his family, Tamara, Cassandra and Lucas. He has spoken at Cleveland Research Company Ecommerce Forum, My Digital Shelf Online and Digital Grocery Summit, and Gilbane Digital Content Conference. You can connect with him on Twitter @mwhitec26.

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Signe McAdams

Signe moved to the Seattle area in 2016 to escape the desert heat of Arizona, and shortly after joined content26. She strives to help businesses establish their online presence and contend with the ever-changing e-commerce world.

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Tony Martinelli

Tony, as CEO of content26, has spent the past decade expanding and developing comprehensive e-commerce content strategies for manufacturers and retailers. Tony is a Whitman College graduate with a background in linguistics, logistics/statistics, and financial analysis.

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Trinity Hartman

A former cheesehead, Trinity’s writing career has taken her from the Northwest to Europe and back again. She joined content26 in 2011.

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