Bai Case Study: Using AMS for Brand Awareness

As an up-and-coming beverage brand, Bai has been working with content26 on driving brand awareness and sales through Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). The result of the partnership has been a dramatic increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). In the year since content26 began working on Bai’s AMS campaigns, AMS revenue has increased by 150 percent.

Bai uses AMS to build brand awareness

In addition to regularly scheduled campaigns, last February Bai tasked content26 with managing a unique AMS campaign targeted for the Super Bowl. These AMS campaigns were geared toward building brand awareness, and content26 developed a unique strategy that prioritized ad impressions.

To do this, content26 created Super Bowl-specific ads for Amazon and increased budgets for all ad types for three days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday and three days after. Impressions rose dramatically, and ROAS got a boost as well.

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