Beauty Products Hot Sellers Online

Beauty and personal care products are among the most popular items to buy online, according to a recent article by eMarketer. In fact, consumers spend anywhere between 33 and 45 percent of their monthly budgets for this category of items online.

Amazon triumphed as the preferred online destination for buyers, but cosmetic store Sephora‘s e-commerce site was not far behind.

Bridging the Gap

The eMarketer post, which gets its facts and figures from a survey done by the management consultant company A.T. Kearney, points out that unifying online and offline experiences continues to be a challenge for beauty and personal care brands. Online shoppers look for variety and low prices, while brick-and-mortar shoppers seek “a more tactile experience with products, or to interact with staff.”

These differing expectations and needs might actually work in favor of retailers such as Sephora.

“Established brick-and-mortar retailers … may have an advantage over their online-only competitors in bridging the gap between on and offline channels,” eMarketer notes.

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