Best Buy Tests Upscale Approach

Retailers (both online and traditional) have been known to shamelessly chase after Henry consumers: high earner, not rich yet.

The electronics chain Best Buy has entered the race with its “connected store.” The format is Apple inspired, with a tech support bar and employees prepared to advise consumers on setting up home theater systems and choosing high-end appliances.

Though Best Buy’s CEO named showrooming as a primary concern, the connected store model is also an attempt to cater to upscale Henrys. As the Star Tribune noted, the new store format is an attempt to retain current customers while bringing in new customers, “especially ones willing to go premium.”

It seems like a smart move. To survive e-commerce, brick-and-mortar stores need to not only improve in-store merchandising but also offer extra services to make up for the inevitable price differences.

You can read more about Best Buy’s connected stores at

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