Boosting Your Conversion and Panda Strikes

The Finer Points of Conversion

Want a plethora of good advice? Visit The Daily Egg‘s blog for some fine conversion-boosting tips. They gave 14 experts the chance to share a piece of wisdom, and most of these masters had content- or CTA-related suggestions. A few addressed the placement of the CTA (above the fold and again at the bottom if your page is long) or the color of the CTA (opposite your site on the color wheel). My favorite tip was to uncover the lead. Say what you need to say, and do it before your readers have a chance to leave. We’ve heard that before. It’s still true.

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Content Farm Changes Business Model

eHow, a site noted for prolific duplicate articles, is changing course in order to meet Google‘s Panda demands. According to Econsultancy and Demand Media‘s postings, the company is reducing the quantity and focusing on the quality of their articles. This means two things: first, the Panda update is working and will bring good change to consumers, and second, the quality of content and the value it provides to consumers will never go out of style.

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