Brands Falling Behind in Mobile Commerce

All of last year we were inundated with stats telling us that mobile commerce was charging forward at a bulls’ pace. According to Forrester’s 2011 report, “m-commerce sales are set to quintuple over the next five years, resulting in $31 billion worth of sales by 2016.” The latest mobile reports gauging mobile marketing practices among top brands are in, and the results aren’t pretty. Despite the growth in mobile sales, a large number of retailers are still dragging their feet and failing to come up with suitable mobile solutions.

In a recent article on Business 2 Community, they share the first-ever L2 Prestige Mobile IQ Report, which rates retailers based on their mobile competence. The report looks at 250 data points across mobile sites, mobile apps, mobile marketing, and innovation and integration. Companies that graded out with the highest ratings were Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Net-A-Porter. Everyone else? Well, they still have some work to do. According to the L2 report, “only two-thirds of prestige brands maintain a mobile-optimized site, and one-third of these mobile development efforts do not yet support commerce.”

Not only do brands need to invest in mobile platforms, they need to make the customer experience unified across all devices. Their customers will not only be looking for it, but expecting it. In fact, it is predicted that users will access the Internet more frequently via a wireless mobile device than a wired Ethernet connection by 2015. Mobile is not going away, so it’s time to seriously consider your options and focus on creating mobile experiences that provide real value to your customers.

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