Bringing the Holidays to the Phone, Creating Competitive Content, and Investing in Free Shipping

Prepare Your M-Commerce Strategy: Winter Is on the Way

As we approach the holiday season (what, can’t you feel the lights waiting to spring to storefront windows?), smartphones should be moving to the forefront of every merchandiser’s mind. Research Director Derek Eccleston, interviewed for Equi=Media‘s post, noted that, “As we continue to be gripped by the M-commerce revolution–where the consumer now holds the power to shop where, when, and how they like–it is crucial that retailers have a strong presence across multiple channels …” So why all this talk of yule logs and egg nog? Well, this holiday season is the first when purchasing on a mobile phone is a solid option. It should be an option from your company, too, if you don’t want to miss out.

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How to Create Content That Can Compete with the Ocean

Once upon a time, your company was one of just seven seas. Then, it became a lake, and now it is a tiny drop in the giant ocean of content. How can you make your products stand out from all the others? The simple answer: content. Search-optimized content, in all its resplendent glory. Lee Odden at TopRankBlog recently gave a presentation that he summarized and offered for viewing. The summary of his summary: Take stock of your current media and content, optimize said content, research and enter social communities, and measure results. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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Free Shipping: The New Pink?

As consumers pick between shirt colors and merchandisers strive to make this choice as easy as possible, the people dressed all in brown (or purple, if their company name starts with “F”) are thanklessly running around to make this whole system possible. And increasingly, consumers don’t even need to worry about paying these delivery men! Nordstrom recently announced free shipping on any order, any time, adding their name to a growing list of companies offering this as a standard service. The free shipping includes both standard shipping and returns. Is this a new wave in e-commerce?

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