Calvin Klein Enhances Stores, and a Copywriting Tip

Calvin Klein Capitalizes on the Power of the Smartphone

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece on the growing overlap between smartphone use and brick-and-mortar shopping. We can add Calvin Klein to the list of retailers who are recognizing and trying to capitalize on the phenomenon.

In time for holiday shopping madness, the jeans and undies leader is allying with Shazam, creator of the fun, semi-useful app that recognizes snippets of music like an acoustic fingerprint and generates song information. Now, while shopping for top-of-the-line tighty whities, you’ll be able to use your Shazam app to identify in-store sound installations and be rewarded by in-store promotions, inconsequential freebies, and more. You have to admire companies that are trying their best to integrate quirky technologies to enhance the brick-and-mortar experience.


Focus, Grasshopper

Robert Bruce of Copyblogger recently wrote a parable in hope of sharing with readers one of the secrets to good copywriting. Bruce tells of a struggling writer who seeks advice from a successful colleague inside a bar (where most amateur counseling takes place). The successful writer invites his floundering friend to look around the room, then asks him how many salt shakers he saw, which the friend in need cannot answer. The knowing man explains to his pal that he “looks at everything and sees nothing.”

The point of this Confucian confusion is that a writer must address each detail and element with a sort of tunnel vision. If you apply Zen-like focus to the title, headers, hook, and so on, you will achieve enlightenment–or at least, your writing should improve.

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