Coming Soon: Phablet Commerce?

I consider myself a tablet skeptic, which I realize will seem really silly a few years from now. One of these new-fangled tablet devices recently appeared in my life and I’ve been grumpy about it ever since. Take it to the coffee shop? Would rather surf on my phone or work efficiently on my laptop. Watch movies? Prefer the large computer monitor. Read books? The Kindle is the way to go. Read glossy magazines? Paper is more convenient. Shop online? I guess so.

Maybe I should’ve gone straight to the phablet. This over-sized smartphone is touted as being as convenient as a phone, but with the beautiful screen of a tablet. And new research claims that tablet and phablet users love video, which is good news for e-commerce sites looking to engage customers and improve sales.

Long live the phablet? It will take some convincing.

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