Compelling Descriptions for Mundane Products

Many products are easy to make sound exciting: a DSLR camera, a high-tech mountain bike, or an iPad has no shortage of awesome features. However, some consumer products present more of a challenge to a marketer or merchandiser hoping to make sales. A pair of SmartWool long undies, no matter how divine, might be harder to talk up.

Nothing Rolls Like a BAll. You don't say!

Sure it rolls, but what does that mean for ME?

With that challenge in mind, I offer you a helpful perspective on the subject from Copyblogger. Contributor Sean D’Souza explains that for the especially mundane product, a copywriter should focus on the product benefit more than the feature. It’s always ideal to list features and associated benefits together for the full effect, but D’Souza is constructive in emphasizing the flexibility of the benefit. Whereas a feature is what it is, with finite potential for description, the benefit a product has for the user can be imagined, embellished, and taken in myriad directions.

To continue my daydream about awesome long underwear… The garment might be “moisture wicking” or “warm,” but it would be much more evocative to say it will “keep you cool and comfortable when scrambling up a sheer rock-face, then cozy and toasty when you’re bedding down at your alpine camp.”


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