Consumer Goods Companies Scramble to Keep Up with Mobile Commerce


The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has experienced a “chaotic and rapid shift in technology” in recent years. The culprit? Smartphones.

The massive CPG market (estimated to be worth $2 trillion in North America) is highly competitive. We’re talking about the types of goods that get replaced frequently, such as household products, food, and clothing.

Connecting through Mobile

It’s not enough for CPG companies to design a mobile site or offer electronic coupons, according to Srini Pallia of Wipro Technologies.

“As more shoppers and consumers use mobile devices, they want to go beyond smart marketing and simple convenience, forcing CG organizations to rapidly innovate and differentiate,” Pallia writes in a guest post for the Consumer Goods Technology blog.

Pallia points out that Nabisco‘s Oreo launched a new product line this fall with a mobile campaign that included an interactive game and that linked to Facebook and Twitter. Proctor & Gamble and Walmart have also teamed up recently to make it easy for consumers to use QR codes to shop for products while waiting for the bus.

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