Consumers Frustrated with M-Commerce

A few weeks ago we talked about how brands are falling behind in mobile commerce, despite reports that show consumers willingness to spend big. In case you don’t recall, a 2011 report by Forrester shows that mobile commerce sales are expected to quintuple over the next five years, resulting in $31 billion in sales by 2016. This week we’re here to tell you that consumers are noticing retailers’ slow adaptation, causing frustration levels to soar.

A recent article on the Huffington Post brings to light a new study that shows just how far behind retailers really are. The study, conducted by EPiServer, shows that 49 percent of consumers are frustrated with the mobile shopping experience.

The most pertinent issues that consumers face with mobile commerce are: poor navigation, slow load times, login difficulties, and trouble finding specific products. The most telling piece of the study is that consumers who find a mobile site hard to use will often go to a competitor’s shop as a result.

Retailers need to think about what it is a mobile shopper really wants, rather than just pushing out a mobile version of their existing site and calling it a day. If retailers want to taste the fruit of those projected sales figures, they better start giving consumers something they can use. No cutting corners this time around.


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