Content Blooper #2: Gluten-Free Olive Oil

Olive oil label with typoIf you live somewhere hot enough that Christmas Day is typically spent barbecuing on your favorite beach, Content Ping brings you the following public service announcement: room-temperature olive oil can lead to heart disease and cancer. Please, mate, do yourself a favor and leave your gluten-free olive oil in the fridge until the next time you need to marinade a kangaroo steak.

Of course, the downside to refrigerating olive oil is that it turns thick and cloudy. But no need to worry. Star olive oil company reassures us that the oil quality is not “effected.”

By mistakenly using effected (to produce) instead of affected (to impact), the sentence ends up implying that Star does not produce quality olive oil. Which is actually easy to believe considering the lack of attention they gave to their packaging.

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