Content Blooper #5: Snooker Ling

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In case you hadn’t heard, there is a new tourism activity that is all the rage these days; it’s called Snooker Ling. It sounds amazing. You swim with fish while wearing a mask, fins, and using a breathing apparatus. Wait, what? This isn’t anything new?

Ah, yes, snorkeling.

This sign would definitely instill fear confidence in me before getting on their rickety old boat for some good old-fashioned “snooker ling.”

My suggestion: spell-check before you paint or buy some white paint and try again. There are thousands of English-speaking tourists on your beach every day, and you are telling me you couldn’t ask one of them if “snorkeling” was spelled correctly? Or, maybe some tourist decided that answering truthfully meant that a picture like this would never exist.

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