An Account of #CMWorld via Twitter

Content Marketing World (also known as #CMWorld) came to Cleveland this week, inspiring a rapturous Twitterthon from content marketers around the globe. (Can’t that be said about every marketing event, though? If a tree falls in a room of marketers, and no one assigns it a hashtag, did it really happen?)

We enviously watched from afar as hundreds of smart, excited people talked about content writing, management, and best practices. Also, er, Kevin Spacey. It all makes sense in the end, I promise, particularly with tweets we selected from the wonderfully robust online conversation the event inspired.

For instance, this stat that underscores the growing importance of content marketing (or inbound marketing, if you’re nasty).

Personalization continues to be a hot topic too. Clearly, it’s important and worth doing. But, as we discussed on Twitter recently, it’s something to be done carefully and sensitively.

Jonathon Colman, content strategist at Facebook, posted slides from his presentation “Build Better Content,” which is a demonstration of Facebook’s content philosophy, a smart explanation and demonstration of content strategy, and a rallying cry for people who care about words. Don’t fear the 127 slides. It’s worth it.

And this little snippet of illustration nicely explains the accompanying quote from Ann Handley. (And yes, always invite the people who make copy to strategy meetings!)

CMWorld also dug into the nuts and bolts of creating a great content experience.

And the particular quandaries and considerations B2B marketers face.

And then Kevin Spacey.

Wait, Kevin Spacey?

Yep! Kevin Spacey on storytelling.

It all makes sense now.

But in the end, writers will be writers…

…even as we’re being wonderfully avalanched under new information.

We didn’t make it to CMWorld, but content26 will be represented at LavaCon in Portland next month, and we’ll be tweeting away as we watch. We hope you come say hello!

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