Quick Guide to Product Images

If you’re in e-commerce, you probably already know that an image can be worth a thousand (and more) sales.

Think sensually. You want your product page to appeal to the fullest range of senses possible, similar to the way a chef carefully arranges colors and food types on a plate.

“The trick of web merchandising is to ensure the products look fantastic online–good enough and easy to buy immediately, or at least eye-catching enough to inspire a store visit,” Danielle Pinnington, founder of Shoppercentric, told Drapers Magazine.

Images by the Numbers

  • Over half of consumers expect multiple product images when shopping for clothing, accessories, or consumer technology products. (Brandbank, 2010)
  • Nearly 70% of consumers consider the quality of images to be an important factor in whether to purchase online. (e-tailing group, 2007)
  • 58% of consumers are deterred from buying a product online by poor quality images. (Brandbank, 2010)
  • 40% of UK fashion shoppers would only purchase a product if it included a lifestyle image. (GSI Commerce International, 2010)

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