Content Should Be Clear and Compelling: Is Yours?

Who Crowned This Nepotist, Anyway?

Why is content king? Kimberly Krause Berg of the Search Engine People blog encourages us to ask that question, then proceeds to provide an extremely compelling answer: it produces sales. At least, it gives you the gold when done right. Kimberly hands us many tips, including testing, adding bullets, using readable font sizes, and organizing your content in a logical order. All very good content merchandising tips. But before she dives into the list of suggestions, Kimberly hits on a crucial part of the process: tell your readers what to do. Conversion starts with a clear and compelling message. Clear: Your entire product page should be geared toward action. Consumers are suggestible, and if you make it obvious what you want them to do, they’re a lot more likely to actually do it. If you want to convert them into a paying customer, don’t hide that from them. Compelling: Your copy is your chance to prove to them that they will benefit from the product. Content: Crowned, and checkmate.

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Test, Test… Is This Thing On?

Read all you can about how to improve your sales page, sure. But asĀ KISSMetrics reminds us, each product is a little different, and each product page reflects a unique brand and consumer base. Don’t forget to test your pages and make sure you know what works for you. The article offers some great A/B testing resources for finding the best possible copy.

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