Content Writing Tips from Two Sources, and Bing Just Might Be an Alternative

Strong Content Writing Draws from Public Speaking Skills

I’m going to share a story about effective content writing now. I’m doing this because we talk a lot about content here. And so does Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute.  In his article, “Developing Your Online Content Like Public Speaking,” he likens effective content writing to public speaking in school: the same rules apply. Begin by announcing what you’re going to tell your audience (see first sentence of this paragraph), then tell them, then tell them what you just told them. Simply put: repeat yourself. That’s the gist of his article, but it definitely bears a complete reading. Want to write effective marketing content? Dust off the public speaking rules you learned in those awkward years.

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Create a Keyword List for Content–and Use It

And speaking of repeating yourself, Lee Odden makes the case for developing a list of SEO key words your company’s content writers should draw from continuously. He suggests developing a keyword glossary–“phrases [that] are a mix of broad concepts the company wants to be known for as well as phrases indicating more specific customer intent.” It takes work to achieve a good SEO ranking, and repetition of the keywords and phrases your readership will search for leverages your company up the ranks.

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Bing and Yahoo Get Encouraging Numbers in Recent Poll

In what may be news to many, in the retail and financial sectors, Yahoo and Bing allied search result numbers are worth comparing to Google’s. A study by Rosetta concluded that “Bing-powered search on Yahoo represents a more significant organic SEO opportunity in the retail sector, with almost a 37 percent share.” When interviewed about the results, Rosetta’s Director of Search and Media Thought Leadership Chris Boggs said, “these numbers clearly articulate the need to pay attention to performance within Bing and Yahoo.” Columnist Jonathan Allen’s conclusion: Maybe it’s time to reconsider your SEO approach in regards to Bing.

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