Content26 Employees Pass Amazon Accreditation

At content26, we are dedicated to constantly improving our services for our clients. That’s why our agency has all employees accredited with Amazon Advertising Sponsored Ads Accreditation. Last year, each employee passed the Amazon accreditation.

Amazon accreditation for content26 employees

We are also one of the inaugural members of Amazon’s partner directory, a distinction that honors our many years of collaboration on the Amazon channel. Our approach combines smart advertising strategies with extensive content knowledge to offer a complete package.

Our Approach: Why it Works

Our approach is rooted in the understanding that content and advertising are inextricably tied together. Like the circle of life, product page content benefits your paid advertising strategies, and paid advertising should benefit your product pages.

It’s a little like the proverbial tree falling in the forest: if no one is around to see your beautiful pages, will they purchase your products? On the flipside, if you are bussing tons of people into the forest, you need an awe-inspiring destination.

There are many ways content and and paid advertising work together, but I’ll give just one example. Product page content helps your paid search efforts through organic search and by boosting conversion. The essential content makes a big impact on search discoverability, so you can focus your paid campaigns on areas you are not showing up.

Conversion continues the up-spiraling cycle. Amazon rewards clicks and purchases with improved search prominence, meaning the more people see and buy your products, the more people will continue to see (and ideally buy) your products.

As an agency with deep content expertise, our approach blends content with advertising know-how to give brands the complete package.

Amazon Accreditation is Only a Beginning

With more than a decade of Amazon experience, we are committed to continuing our development as the channel evolves.

We’ve seen many changes in recent years, from the formation of Amazon Advertising as a whole to the creation of Premium enhanced A+ content.

We’ve also noticed Amazon’s increased commitment to brand-building, and we predict that the retailer will continue to shift in this direction. Rather than just being a sales channel, Amazon will focus on tools and products that help brands build and enhance their online presence.

However it shakes out, one thing is certain: Amazon will continue to innovate. And we will, too. The recent Amazon accreditation extends our employees’ legacy of rigorous improvement and we look forward to what the future holds.

Let's work together.